Wildlife sightings

As early morning walks along the Wom Brook and Railway Walk gradually become a venture out into the dark, possible opportunities of seeing local wildlife become less likely.
(official sunrise for today is 07:18, with sunset is calculated at 18:30-source BBC Weather),
Factor in the vagaries of our weather, and some of us are only left with the weekends when we might have a chance of seeing one of the species advertised on the Gravel Hill Interpretation Board (there’s a photograph of this board on the Wom Brook Diary’s Main Page, contained within the banner photographs).

It was very encouraging to hear from other committee members, during last week’s monthly meeting of the Friends of Wom Brook, that a Kingfisher had been seen several times flying along a section of thee Brook, and that most elusive rodent, the water vole, had also been spotted in the Gravel Hill area. Perhaps these species are unlikely to put in early morning appearances, as these often coincide with increased periods of human activity, with greater numbers of dog-walkers, runners and cyclists out and about.

Instead, these animals wait until relative peace and tranquillity return to the Wom Brook, namely during the middle part of the day.

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