Water pollution?

A regular if slightly worrying sight in the Wom, mid-way between the’western’ foot bridge and the road bridge which forms the boundary of Wombourne Park, is the regular occurrence of foam. There must be a local drain emptying into the brook at this point.

Hopefully the aquatic life won’t be too adversely affected by it.

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  1. Yes, run off from streets often contains all sort of stuff and you cant discount misconnections of sewage treatment etc. Have you had it tested?

  2. hi there
    just thought i would add a comment here. not all foam is caused by pollution. naturally occuring substances like humic acid and other humic substances, also cause foaming. i heard, at a conference, that you can often catch fish under such foam! although the evidence was only anecdotal. so don’t despair every time you see foam.

  3. Ian & Manoah-thanks both for your comments. Yes, District Council are going to test it, so we await results.

  4. Geraint..

    I have Had a quick browse at the site ..particulary impressed by overall capture of the Wombourne park issues.With ref to the brook itself i would doubt if there are any fish/ aquatic forms in the water.Havent caught anything yet, ….must get a smaller net…
    k regards


  5. Your comments are greatly appreciated Nick-especially as you are another Wombourne resident! Thanks for looking over the blog-please keep an eye on it when you can fit it into your busy schedule!

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