Tree removed from Footpath

A week ago, a large branch-like section of one of the trees growing close to the Brook by the Red Hill footbridge crashed down blocking the footpath.

Yesterday it was cut into moveable sections. Daniel wondered what the age of the tree was-I’ve included a photo of cross-section through the shorter of the two main branches, that shows two interesting things-
a) The annular rings
b) A couple of wasps feeding on the tree sap.

To attempt to answer Daniel’s question-the larger branch has about 12 annular rings. However, we assume that the tree is much older-as about 12 years ago, the original tree was cut down, as part of it was rotten.

2 Replies to “Tree removed from Footpath”

  1. Really interesting to see the diary Geraint. Hope the piece on Midlands Today was useful for you.

    The footbridge is looking much better, but I, like you, am intrigued to know why such mindless folk then attempt to destroy it.

    Best wishes,

  2. Many thanks for your support Simon-both in terms of the blog entry, and the BBC Midlands Today weather report you filmed from the Brook-they both provide significant support to what we are attempting to achieve, and draw in much needed publicity.

    I firmly believe that through greater local awareness and involvement we can highlight this fantastic resource-namely the Wom Brook we have here in Wombourne-and by virtue of this ongoing awareness process, gradually more of our neighbours, friends and the community in this great village of ours will feel some sense of ownership and pride in this local feature.

    It is my hope and that of my good colleagues in the Friends of Wom Brook group that through this process, those intent on defacing and damaging our local environment will find themselves isolated and part of an unpopular minority, such that further acts of mindless vandalism on their part will bring a torrent of condemnation in their direction from the vast majority of Wombourne residents.

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