The Way ahead!

Below is an image of the spectacular and imposing Wom Brook Walk signpost greeting walkers on the South Staffordshire Railway Walk (aka the Kingswinford Railway Walk).


 It marks the point where the Wom Brook Walk crosses over the Railway Walk. The above photo is taken facing south, with the left hand finger post pointing east towards Wombourne village centre, while the right hand finger points west towards the Giggetty section of the Wom Brook Walk.

Notice some of the considerable detail carved into the sign, which cannot all be included within the photo. The carvings represent aspects of Wombourne’s history-nail-making, and of course its agricultural roots. Perhaps appropriately an owl dominates the structure-an indication that wildlife is it the heart of the Wom Brook Walk and the Wom Brook.

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  1. My daughter was distressed to discover the owl had disappeared over the weekend, along with the fingerposts- please tell us that section is away for maintenance and will be returning… We love this signpost!

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