Swing Gate Modified

For some time now, regular visitors to the Gravel Hill section of the Brook who then proceed to the Railway Walk will have long noticed and become accustomed to the modification that has been made to the swing gate/kissing gate leading from the Wom Brook Walk onto the Railway Walk.

This modification (see above photo, no.2) was forced due to the constant vandalism directed at the original gate (Photo 1). At one point, the actual gate was removed by vandals. Although the new barrier was initially difficult to negotiate, gradually regular walkers have perfected a side-step technique when passing through this section of the walk, which would be the envy of any rugby team!

The barrier is an attempt to restrict the passage of horses and motor cyclists onto the Wom Brook Walk, where previously riders have ridden their horses into the Brook, eroding previously repaired stream banks, while uninsured motor cyclists have driven their motor cycles indiscriminately along the footpaths forcing walkers out of the way.

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