Stream clearance at the Pool Dam Bridge off Rookery Road


Pool Dam Bridge Stream clearance

Due to the ravages of time and weather, bricks from the retaining wall on the Rookery Road side of the Wom Brook have gradually been dislodged and have found their way into the water. (Wombourne residents will recognise this part of the Brook – just below the Pool Dam Bridge, connecting the Guide Hut with Rookery Road, close to the vet’s)

Today a working party from the Friends of Wom Brook brought wheelbarrows in order to carry away surplus bricks and slabs to be collected later by South Staffordshire Council.

The aim of today’s project was not just to improve the appearance of the Wom Brook at that point-but also to restore the original  flow of water thus limiting an increase in the water weed coverage.

The bricks are just visible in the foreground of the photograph.

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  1. Hi Wombourne,

    I would just like to say that the thesis i wrote regarding the wom brooksbwater quality got me an ‘A’ grade! that contributed well to my degree.

    I would like to offer chemical data i have regarding the 2006-7 period to anyone who may be interested!

    let me know with an email address and i’ll send it on


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