Saturday Survey

In addition to monitoring the day-to-day developments along the Brook in Wombourne, the Friends of Wom Brook environmental group have also introduced regular ‘hands-on’ activities, which are designed to involve more local residents in the overall conservation activities of the group.

One such activity took place last Saturday morning, when younger members of the Friends Group set about collecting samples of invertebrate animal life found in and around the Gravel Hill area of the Brook. This exercise conducted under the guidance of the Group’s biologist, is a vital part of our voluntary work, and the interesting samples that were carefully identified and then returned to the wild provide a good indicator of the health of the Brook and surrounding land.

We were grateful for the support received in undertaking this task.

2 Replies to “Saturday Survey”

  1. We found sticklebacks,bullheads,shrimps,water scorpions,pond snails and many other forms of pond life. Earlier we went on a bug hunt and found mother of pearl butterflys,froghoppers,grasshoppers and many other moths,butterflys and insects

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