Removing Himalayan Balsam

Bagged HB

Last weekend, members of the Friends Group removed further amounts of Himalayan Balsam (HB) from the banks of the Wom Brook. Bin bags full of the weed are pictured above awaiting collection by South Staffordshire Council.

Why is the is necessary?

Left unchecked, these hardy plants, classified as a hostile species, choke other plants by taking up their growing spaces, and reduce the light available to grasses and plants that water voles usually feed on.  Much more removal of HB is required, and if you live in Wombourne, and could spare 2 hours per month assisting the Friends of Wom Brook, you’d be most welcome-the Group meets by the picnic benches at the Gravel Hill entrance to the Wom Brook Walk, on the first Saturday and third Thursday in the month.

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