Red Hill Footbridge Reopened

Towards the middle of last week, the newly repaired Red Hill Footbridge located in the Gravel Hill section of the Wom Brook was reopened. The remedial work involved removing the main structure of the bridge, reinforcing the metal railings, refitting them and renewing the wooden decking. The painter in the above photograph applied the final touches.

Regrettably the very next day, temporary safety railings, which had been placed to protect walkers from the wet paint, were discovered thrown in the Brook. The same small-minded minority who were responsible for damaging the footbridge in the first instance probably perpetrated this mindless act.

If these individuals were to be questioned about the reasons for their actions, they would likely be unable to provide an answer. Perhaps if they were to briefly contemplate the workings of nature around them, they would see purpose associated with each and every action. Maybe this is the reason why so many of us appreciate what the Brook and the Railway Walk have to offer us.

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  1. Hi Geraint,

    Could you give me a call please about the repairs to the footbridge? I can do a piece for the Wombourne page.

    All the best

    Claire, Wolverhampton Chronicle
    01902 319496

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