Red Hill Footbridge Closed

The ongoing repair to the footbridge located close to the footpath leading to Glendale Ave. has resulted in the partial removal of the main bridge structure-comprising of the wooden decking and metal railings.

This has been necessary due to the incessant attention of vandals, who due to their sustained and consistent efforts to damage the structure, eventually forced the main end uprights away from the steel base of the bridge, rendering the structure unsafe.

The photo shows the present situation, recorded this morning. (This footbridge is located in the Gravel Hill section of the Wom Brook Walk). It is a great pity that so much misdirected energy on the part of the vandals couldn’t have been more wisely channelled to help, rather than hinder the local community, but then their overall level of comprehension is probably too low to figure that out, more’s the pity.

Just to add-newcomers to the area (the warmer weather is attracting many walking groups) can take a short detour onto the Railway Walk ( the high bank 50m to the left along the footpath), which in turn leads through the steel railings and onto a straight footpath which finishes close to the centre of the village.

Does anyone know how long the bridge will be out of action? Comments welcomed below!

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