Recession? Credit Crunch?

Recession-what recession? Does the photograph below indicate that there’s a credit crunch?

Picnic litter

It could be the recent news indicating that the UK economy may at last be in recovery prompted last night’s party at the picnic benches on the Wom Brook Walk in Wombourne.

This disgusting scene greeted villagers this morning-regular walkers who passed it expressed disbelief and annoyance that a site of natural beauty-and a designated local nature reserve-should be left in such a condition.  Unfortunately, this is a familiar scene in the United Kingdom, but paradoxically a rare sight abroad.

The above photograph is an example of what follows when a group of individuals cannot take responsibility for their actions, and is symptomatic of a wider, collective culture of malaise that pervades certain sectors of society at the moment.  Perpetrators of these acts have no pride in their village, and more worryingly, have no self-respect.

What are the consequences of this?

The majority of us are left to clean up the mess.

2 Replies to “Recession? Credit Crunch?”

  1. What a sad site. It really makes my blood boil. Presumably the perpetrators chose this spot for their “party” because they realise it’s a very nice place to sit & gather with friends & enjoy passing the time. Not such a nice spot right now, due to the selfish, thoughtless actions of these individuals.
    Litter is a real bug-bear of mine; although I am willing to spend some of my own time cleaning up this lovely area – frankly, I do have better things to do & would love instead to be also sitting enjoying a “party” and passing the time. The only difference being – you wouldn’t know I had been there afterwards. Unlike the disgusting mess these idiots leave behind.
    Not sure what the answer is in changing the mind-set of the offenders ??

  2. Thankfully, individuals unknown(perhaps other villagers, or even a team from the South Staffs Council) cleared up the mess during that day. The council’s Landscape department react very quickly and efficiently to remedy situations like the one mentioned in this blog posting.

    Equally, there are villagers who regularly travel along the Wom Brook Walk and the South Staffordshire Railway Walk, collecting litter. Often these good people have no affiliations to any local groups-they just don’t want our local countryside defaced by thoughtless,unsightly littering.

    Both groups share a common aim with the Friends of Wom Brook-to help maintain the natural beauty of our local countryside, for all to enjoy.

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