Railway Walk: Signs of Autumn

Seldom is a walk along the disused Railway Track dull or repetitive. There is often something new to see. Perhaps it is the regular, repetitive act of walking, running or cycling along the track that induces a sense of familiarity, and anything that wasn�__t there previously alerts the subconscious to the very presence of a different plant, or the sudden movement in the undergrowth caused by a foraging bird.

Squirrels and wood pigeons are an all too common sight, but attest to the �__health�__ of the particular environment that surrounds us.

Few cannot be amazed by the gradual changes that occur along both the Brook and the Railway Walk throughout the year, in keeping with the different seasons. Particularly striking recently was this splash of red (see the photograph above) prominent amongst the predominant greens of the trees lining the Railway Walk. Although other trees are starting to shed their leaves, this particular tree is most noticeable due to the striking flame red colour of its leaves.

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