Railway Walk-Bales

A bi-product of the present spell of dry weather has been the recent appearance of the above wrapped bales-this scene was photographed early this morning about half a kilometre north of the old Wombourne Railway station, looking north-west.
Farmers certainly subscribe to the saying, �__make hay while the sun shines�__- I have vivid recollections of years gone by, when wet summers would limit farmers to baling hay on a rare dry day, only for them to be forced to wait days for bales to dry out following intervening thunderstorms. Wrapping bales in this way protects them from the rain. (Heavy, thundery rain likely tomorrow).

Modern-day farming techniques can involve utilising bale-wrapping equipment �__ this almost mimics introducing a supermarket concept of encasing the freshness of the newly harvested hay!
Just a reminder-confirming that
there will be a committee meeting in the Wombourne Council Chambers tonight at
7:30 pm.

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