Two sets of tubular metal hand rails (arrowed, above) have been put in place this week, on the sections of footpath leading down to both sides of the Wom Brook, within the Gravel Hill section of the Wom Brook Walk.

Several people have fallen on both these sections, and the South Staffordshire Council have a duty of care to reduce the risk of further falls.

Although not especially in keeping with the recent wooden features that have enhanced the various entrances to the Wom Brook Walk, South Staffordshire Council were left with no option but to resort to erecting metal hand rails, due to the inevitable future attentions the local branch of Anarchists Anonymous would give to wooden ones. (Their unwelcome efforts have been regularly seen in the past along the South Staffordshire Railway Walk, where the wooden hand rail leading up to Ounsdale Road has been a frequent target of malicious vandalism.)


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