Nature of Britain (1)


Last Wednesday night at 9 o’clock, the first in a series of eight episodes, entitled –Nature of Britain, was screened on BBC1. Apart from the fact that the Friends of Wom Brook are due to appear in one regional focus of the programme (on the 31st October we believe-thanks to the Wolverhampton Express & Star for unearthing this fact), the appeal of some top quality photography was an enticement to watch television that night.

Personally speaking, I wasn’t disappointed. The most striking images were those of a killer whale bursting to the surface off one of our coasts, scattering helpless mackerel like skittles before it.

Back on dry land, when not dodging very aggressive seabirds, Alan Titchmarsh explained the unique position of the United Kingdom on planet Earth, which coupled with the effects of moist south westerly winds which predominantly dictate our climate, help provide this country with such a diversity of flora and fauna.

Hopefully future episodes won’t disappoint.

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  1. The follow-up programme on BBC4 is apparently even better, according to the buzz on the Wild About Britain forums.

    Did you see the preview clip of my voles? It was the bit where the bearded man walked through a busy car park. His name’s Malcolm, and he’s the organiser of the Whitchurch Water Vole Group.

  2. Thanks for the alert re-BBC4-I’ll look out for it.

    Yes, I saw the Whitchurch water vole clip-very impressive-yours are better trained than ours-they must have had some media-awareness lessons! I saw one of the Wom Brook water voles on Monday morning this week, scurrying for cover-but at least it confirms they’re still in the area, despite the floods of the summer. They are so secretive and reclusive!

    We’re looking forward to seeing the Whitchurch feature on Nature of Britain-on the day the BBC filmed here, the local water voles were completely camera-shy.

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