Name that Bridge!

Shortly, 7 of the bridges that cross the Wom Brook during its journey through Wombourne will receive official name plates, in order to accurately identify them.

This current project is another planned development in the ongoing process to raise local awareness to the ongoing conservation work associated with the Wom Brook.

Currently, it is difficult to be able to make specific reference to these bridges, either in conversation, particularly when directing Friends of the Wom Brook to conduct habitat surveys, or undertake litter clearing. A recent case in point was the accidental misplacement of a skip intended for the collection of cleared vegetation. Had there been nameplates fixed to the bridges, then quite probably the skip would have been delivered to the correct location.

On a more sombre note, should any accidents or injuries occur along the Wom Brook, then appropriate assistance could more easily be directed to the scene of a reported incident, by referencing the scene of an incident to the nearest named bridge.

Hopefully the long-overdue information on suitable location points for the nameplates will soon be emailed in an illustrated document to the South Staffordshire District Council. Today we discovered that a few adjustments need to be made to the draft proposal-specifically to the nameplate fixing points, but optimistically these amendments won�__t be long in being included in the final document.

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