Morning on the Wom Brook Walk

Gravel Hill-Redcliffe

You could be forgiven for thinking that this image of the Wom Brook highlighted a point where warm water entered the brook and caused the apparent ‘steam’ to form. That however is not the case-for the last two mornings, the surrounding air temperature has been colder than that of the water in the Brook-and as you may well know, at the point where cold air meets moist, warmer air, clouds of water vapour begin to form-much as clouds form in the sky.

You may recall on Saturday this week that due to excellent visibility, water vapour from the Ironbridge power station could be seen 20 miles away, forming into what resembled a cumulonimbus cloud.

The above image was taken using a 2 megapixel camera phone, on Monday 22/10/07, from the entrance to the Railway Walk, looking in southerly direction, with the Wom Brook (obscured) in the centre of picture between both sets of trees.

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