January 2010 Tree management(2)

willow branch

Above is one of the trees the Friends Group believe has been identified as requiring pruning in order to make it safe. It has a large elongated lower branch. However such large willow branches have been known to break off, especially during high winds.

It is located by the new railings and next to the pedestrian bridge crossing the Wom Brook, close to Glendale Drive. The photo was taken on Sunday after the previous night’s light snow fall, and before the heavier snow fall which occurred during the early hours of Tuesday, causing disruption to traffic on the dual carriageway and along the Penn Road.

Today work had already been carried out on the oak tree next to Gravel Hill, which was reported to South Staffordshire Council for attention, as a large branch was only partially attached to the main tree trunk, and posed a danger to children who played beneath it.

That report featured in an earlier blog entry, which was erroneously reported  as a willow- it is an oak tree. featured here.

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