Is this an aquaduct?

This photograph was taken on Sunday, looking north from the Giggetty Lane bridge over the Staffordshire and Worcester Canal in Wombourne. Normally this weblog is about the Wom Brook, and latterly, the Kingswinford Railway Walk.

However, in truth, this section of the village represented in the above photograph is still concerned with the Brook-as it actually flows underneath the canal, at a point called the Planks Lane Culvert, re-emerging just before Dickie’s Brook.
Few narrow boaters would realise that as they pass through Wombourne at this point, a brook runs beneath the canal.

Does this make this section of the canal an aquaduct I wonder? Answers please in the comments section below!

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  1. Hi I was born in 1970 and lived in Wombourne for 25 years and as a child I had a friend who lived in the Bungalow near the ford (AKA Dickies Ie Richard Corns)Brook .There is definatley a tunnel which carries the brook under the cut from planks lane and out to the ford and beyond to what used to be the mill before the poolhouse estate was built!I know i`ve been through it! and as kids we used to swim and fish in the brook and wait for it, the cut as well!!

    I have since married into the corns family who are a famous Wombourne family and both some of mine and my wifes family still reside in Wombourne

  2. Greetings, I don’t know how to reach the poster above, Steve Yaters but possibly you would forward this message to him.

    I am descended from the Corns family of Wombourne and I had a couple of questions for him about the Corns family.

    Thank you.
    Robert H. Nelson

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