Horse riders in the Park

Returning along the disused railway walk, and seconds from the new swing gate located at the west end of Wombourne Park, I heard a sound of crashing emanating from the bushes ahead, accompanied by voices urging a horse along. Two horse riders then appeared, and rather worryingly, as the metal swing gate had presented an obstacle to them, they had managed to coax their horses to clamber over the wooden edging fencing.

Fortunately neither the horses nor the riders sustained any injuries during the event, and the fencing appears undamaged.

You may well be thinking, ‘hasn’t the writer of this blog got anything better to publish here?’ (Actually I have) The point is that due to regular incidents of motorbike riding on both the railway walk and within the Park, a gate was put in place to restrict access to these areas. The move has generally been a successful one, but perhaps future horse-riders need to be warned at the entrance points to the Park, so avoiding a repeat of such incidents.

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