Hawthorn Blossom


This spring has seen a veritable explosion of hawthorn blossom
seemingly in most rural areas adjoining the Wom Brook area. On a recent trip
along the M 40 to within 20 miles of London, the same appeared to be true of
most rural areas, particularly the hedgerows bordering fields.

The above photo was taken looking south along the Railway Walk, towards the
Hawthorn ( scientific name – Crataegus mongyna) is a deciduous
tree (loses its leaves in the autumn), that produces distinctive white blossom
between May and June, and red berries (haws) in the autumn.
Its distinctive thorns help protect seedlings of other trees, and deter livestock
from damaging hedges bordering fields. It can live for 250 years, and grow up
to altitudes of 500m above sea level.

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