Green Flag award-Interpretation Boards

Interpretation Boards

On Friday, South Staffordshire Council’s Landscape department placed new interpretation boards at both the start of the Wom Brook Walk, close to Rushford Bridge, and in the centre of the village (see photo above) close to the picnic benches at Gravel Hill.

This is part of the ongoing work being undertaken by South Staffordshire Council in pursuit of the Green Flag award, mentioned in past blog entries.

When completed, the boards will provide information on that particular section of the Brook, including details of flora and fauna indigenous to the Wom Brook. Included should be the elusive water vole-seen twice in the last fortnight!

Other boards are to be placed along the remainder of the route of the Brook as it passes from east to west through Wombourne.

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  1. I hope these boards are successful. There are four interpretation panels in total – the first being on Rookery Road (close to Rushford Bridge, Village East), the one seen here at Gravel Hill (Village West), one at Giggetty Estate section and the last one being at Poolhouse.

    I’ve tried to cover all the named features along the walk, wildlife that may be found at those areas, and the history associated with that section. Hopefully all information included is correct!

    Because of the vast amount of research gained, I know not everything can be included on them because of space issues.

    Many thanks to May Griffiths for supplying all historic photos and information.

  2. Nick-the boards have been well received by locals-comments range from ‘I didn’t know about that’, to ‘this is a good idea’.
    Obviously there has been one negative comment (I”m sure there will be others, as is human nature), stating that the expenditure should have been put towards improving the drainage of rainwater along the Railway Walk. That was countered by stating that a different branch of the Council has responsibility for the Railway Walk.

    Kate-thanks for keeping in touch-the Wom Brook voles send their regards to their Whitchurch cousins!

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