Giggetty Trees cut down

Last week the following scene greeted a number of Wombourne residents who regularly walk along the Giggetty section of the Wom Brook.Giggetty-tree-cutting

The area of the Wom Brook Walk previously praised by Green Flag judges in the recent inspection for its contrasting natural habitat compared to other sections of the Wom Brook, has now been radically transformed.  Members of the Friends of Wom Brook have been regularly approached since the tree cutting episode by other Wombourne residents, concerned and angry over the South Staffordshire Council’s actions. Unlike the positive comments received in relation to the new wooden pedestrian footbridge and the impressive carved signpost, Friends Group members have been phoned or approached along the Walk by very discontented residents, critical of the District Council’s actions.

The Friends of Wom Brook (the ‘Group’) collectively and unanimously share local residents’ concerns over the District Council’s actions, and the lack of prior consultation about the tree cutting plan with local residents. Primarily the Group agree with the one comment from the last blog entry relating to grass-cutting; specifically, no apparent thought was given to the impact that cutting trees would have on nesting bird life.

The Friends Group do more than clear rubbish from the Brook-they are an eclectic group, drawn from all walks of life, who are able to make use of their collective specialist knowledge and expertise in furthering conservation work along the Brook in Wombourne. All members of the small group are volunteers, who meet monthly to engage in a variety of activities that further this aim. The Group have no executive powers, and cannot make decisions that control strategic work undertaken by the District Council.

The Group does meet with District Council officers, and are usually invited by the officers to comment on planned developments, and aspects of landscape management-in the case of the tree-cutting, this did not happen.

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  1. To leave patches of grass uncut, then chop down these trees makes no sense whatsoever. I just hope the Council have a good enough reason for doing so. Perhaps not consulting the group was intentional, I can’t see many voting in favour of this. Just worries me to think what next?

  2. Again, thank you for your comment-and taking the time to make it. It is vitally important that the Council see that local residents have a voice that should be heard-and considered.

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