Future developments along the Wom Brook

Green Flag Award Preparation

Last week, the Friends of Wom Brook committee met with the South Staffordshire Council�__s Landscape manager. The possibility of the Council working in conjunction with the Friends Group, in pursuit of a national green spaces and parks award , namely to obtain Green Flag status, was discussed.

Why invest money, time and effort in pursuing this award?
This award, if achieved would have a similar status in some respects to the grading awarded to UK beaches in terms of cleanliness and water quality. In the case of the Wom Brook, and the Walk along its banks, obtaining such an award would elevate and bring to prominence the standing and recognition of our wildlife area nationally.

In turn this would enhance the overall reputation of Wombourne, and provide recognition for all the hard work invested by residents in their local environment over the years, supported in this work by both the Wombourne Parish Council and the South Staffordshire Council.

Should the Wom Brook gain the Green Flag Award (essential development work necessary to raise the standard of the Brook and its neighbouring environment to Green Flag eligibility status would probably take two years of work) , then it would provide evidence of strong community involvement and collaboration, increased awareness of conservation issues, and evidence of a willingness by local residents to engage in developments to improve their community.

Hopefully pursuance of the Green Flag Award will provide the impetus for the Friends of Wom Brook group, working closely with South Staffordshire Council, to pursue other environmental awards.

Link to Green Flag Award
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