Further tree management

Towards the mid-point of the Wom brook’s passage through the village, (where a small underground stream emerges in a waterfall, which in turn feeds the Wom ), the result of recent tree management work is quite noticeable.

In the above photograph, taken from the south bank of the brook, tree stumps clearly show the recent results of chain-saw usage to fell several thick tree trunks. Further evidence of this work may be seen along the banks of the brook, heading towards the village centre,

(Although not easily discernable, the overgrown waterfall is located towards the left of the picture, behind the tree stumps. In the foreground, you can just make out the brook.).

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  1. This image also shows where Smallbrook flows into the Wom Brook having flowed passed Moss the chemists, originally above ground but now culverted under the raised pavement.
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