Friends of Wombrook in the Express and Star

Express & Star photo-session

Thursday evening’s issue of the Wolverhampton & District regional newspaper-the Express & Star, featured a photograph of members of the Friends of Wom Brook (in the centre pages of the newspaper). The group were in the process of undertaking one of their core activities, namely removing litter and carelessly discarded items such as worn out tyres, from the Wom Brook.

Such items not only create an eyesore, but obstruct the water flow of the Brook, and in the process threaten water-dwelling wildlife.

The Express & Star also alerted readers to the Friends of Wom Brook’s imminent appearance in the regional feature of the current BBC 1 series, ‘Nature of Britain’, showing on Wednesday nights between 9-10 pm.

The photograph above shows members of the Friends Group in the aftermath of the photo-session with the Express & Star’s reporter.

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