Feed the birds…

male blackbird

The usually camera-shy birds observed along the Wom Brook Walk appeared to have cast aside their natural inhibitions lately, due in part to the very cold weather-this male blackbird photographed last week along the Walk seemed to be waiting expectantly for food, its usual source trapped beneath freezing snow, and encased within the concrete-like ground.

The exhortation in the popular song, ‘Feed the birds…‘-epitomised in the Mary Poppins musical was never more important to the survival of local birdlife; apparently birds need to consume a third of their body weight during freezing weather.

Why is this important? Birds are a vital part of the food chain-during the growing season; they eat insects that damage food crops destined for shops and supermarkets.

By putting out some bird seed, ideally in a feeder,  birds are then provided with an alternative food source, and thus their chances of surviving the cold weather are increased.

Link to BBC Black Country: Feed the Birds

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