Another regular aspect of the Friends of Wom Brook’s conservation work is clearing driftwood from the Brook. Natural processes such as storms, high winds, and seasonal changes cause branches of varying sizes to break away from the trees and fall into the water. Often these tangled accumulations form natural dams, with an accompanying build-up of water.

This has lead to localised flooding along some stretches of the Brook in the past, with areas of the Walk becoming indistinguishable from the Brook itself! (Fortunately this has not happened for several years).

South Staffordshire District Council attend to such problems, but since the formation of the Friends Group, this has now become a more manageable task, and usually several times a month, members of the Friends Group are joined by volunteers from local industry and business in this work.

Arrangements are made with the council to collect the driftwood, thus maintaining the flow of water along the Brook.

(Can you see a rope swing in the above photo? )

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