Discarded Railings

Railings in stream.jpg
Repairs to the sandstone wall undertaken by the Highways Department of Staffordshire County Council at the eastern end of Rookery Road were recently completed.

With the health and safety of members of the public on mind, the workforce duly positioned safety railings to prevent unsuspecting pedestrians from accidentally dislodging stone work while the cement hardened (there is no pavement at that point along Rookery Road, nor for the greater part of that narrow road-such that pedestrians often have to press up close to walls and hedges in order to avoid speeding vehicles).

Shortly after the work was completed, the railings were forcibly removed and damaged, before being thrown into the Brook. Readers might be forgiven for wondering whether those responsible for such actions could perhaps be identified by the similar appearance of their own property. Often people who take a pride in their own appearance, and that of their property, are also keen to see their local environment looking good. Fortunately the majority of Wombourne residents wish to see the Brook looking at its best, and not full of litter, discarded shopping trolleys and scrap metal.

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