Cut and Leave!

A technique of selectively cutting back the lush growth of plants alongside the walkway on the southern bank of the Wom has been recently employed along the central stretch of the brook in Wombourne.

The above red markings were visible alongside stretches of the brook last week, indicating to contractors where they should cut back plant growth.

These plants were predominantly grasses and nettles, of which an abundance remain! Visually, the brook can now be seen again!

An observation:
The occasional past occurrence of what appeared to resemble salt-foam (similar to that observed on sandy storm beaches when high winds cause foam to be generated when high waves crash to shore) on the surface of the brook close to the lower footbridge in Wombourne Park, now seems to have disappeared thankfully. Does this perhaps coincide with the closure of the Staffordshire County Council_s Highways department_s yard on Walk Lane?

Unfortunately, detergent-like bubbles stillregularly appear along this same section of the Wombrook. There may well be considerable substance to Kate_s theory (Staffordshire Wildlife Trust ) that a kitchen sink waste pipe from an adjacent property along Common Road has been mistakenly connected to a storm-drain, and is hence discharging into the brook.

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