Conservation Work

black rubbish bag

Often the work of the volunteer Thursday and Saturday morning groups goes unreported. Sometimes a group may comprise of just a couple of committee members-on other occasions, such as on the first Saturday morning of a new month, members are joined by like-minded folk who take an equal pride in the appearance of the Brook and its adjoining banks.

The above picture shows a rather full rubbish sack-one of 10 that were filled at the end of the last litter clearance of the Brook three weeks ago-when the stretch of the Wom Brook walk (the path that runs alongside the Brook) between the Gravel Hill picnic benches and Giggetty Ford was cleared.

The emphasis this time was on cutting back nettles and brambles that have obscured the Brook from the footpath-thus providing the space for fresh vegetation to grow next spring, and in turn provide new habitats for a host of wildlife-from minibeasts to the more familiar bird life-represented by the numerous pigeons we see along the Brook.

So a big thanks to last week’s volunteers-judging by the numerous green sacks stacked by the wall by the Bow bridge (next to Gravel Hill)-a job well done!

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