Wombrook Springs into action!

Well, what a blessing to have that lovely weather a few weeks ago and the Friends of Wombrook group certainly thought so too! The recent photography events have produced some amazing pictures which will be judged later in the year, here are a few of the photos taken ( Some are representative of the Jubilee and incorporate Red, White and Blue flowers!) The illusive Beautiful Demoiselle was also spotted. 

Jubilee Colours Beautiful DemoiselleLone rock in brook

The first frost of the season

The first frost of the season showed itself on the morning of the 2nd of December! As you are probably aware this is very late for a first “proper” frost and many of our garden plants are still in flower because of the mild weather.

Furthermore, here are some lovely frost scenes taken around the Wombrook area:

Frosty MugwortPigeon flying of treeBlackbird in the frost

Autumn is upon us…

As Autumn is upon us and Winter not too far away, the trees shed their leaves in vibrant oranges and reds. The picture below was taken a few weeks ago at the Friends of Wombrook “Nature’s Bounty” event, the towering poplar can be seen behind, shining with vibrant hues. (I can only presume it to be even more vibrant now as the weeks have passed!)

Any thoughts on the coming winter? Leave a comment, there is a mixed consensus as to whether the weather will be cold and snowy or wet and windy.

Autumn upon us…