Green Flag Inspection

Green Flag May 2010

In May, inspectors from the Green Flag award scheme surveyed the whole of the Wom Brook Walk from Rushford Bridge, close to where the Brook enters Wombourne in the east, to where it leaves the village in the west, at the edge of Poolhouse.

This formed part of the annual inspection process, and it is hoped that the village should learn soon the result of that inspection.

(Members of the inspection team are photographed above.)

Green Flag awarded to the Wom Brook Walk

This afternoon at Wombourne Civic Centre, South Staffordshire District Councillor Joan Williams hosted a short civic ceremony to celebrate the award of Green Flag status to the Wom Brook Walk.

Pictured below holding the national award are South Staffordshire Council’s Landscape manager Howard Medlicott, and Chairman of the Friends of Wom Brook, Anita Ferguson.

Green Flag

What is the significance of this award to Wombourne?

Essentially it is a nationally recognised standard of excellence awarded by a panel of judges to selected parks and green spaces. These awards are not easy to obtain-this is Wombourne’s second attempt at achieving green flag status. The award is also a recognition of the effort invested by a wide team of people-from the South Staffordshire Council to those individual inhabitants of Wombourne who have no allegiance to any particular group, who regularly collect litter whilst out on their daily walk, or in the case of a small dedicated teenage section of the Friends of Wom Brook, regularly join the Friends Group for two hours once a month to remove rubbish from the Brook.

Thank you everyone for your efforts.

Link to the Green Flag website

The Way ahead!

Below is an image of the spectacular and imposing Wom Brook Walk signpost greeting walkers on the South Staffordshire Railway Walk (aka the Kingswinford Railway Walk).


 It marks the point where the Wom Brook Walk crosses over the Railway Walk. The above photo is taken facing south, with the left hand finger post pointing east towards Wombourne village centre, while the right hand finger points west towards the Giggetty section of the Wom Brook Walk.

Notice some of the considerable detail carved into the sign, which cannot all be included within the photo. The carvings represent aspects of Wombourne’s history-nail-making, and of course its agricultural roots. Perhaps appropriately an owl dominates the structure-an indication that wildlife is it the heart of the Wom Brook Walk and the Wom Brook.