Blocked Footpath

Nature and sometimes a combination of circumstances, such as the prolonged period of dry weather can combine to create a little chaos for us humans! In this case, a blocked footpath, caused by a large broken branch.
A not untypical occurrence along the Brook is that occasionally some of the larger and older well watered trees grow so large that they are unable to support their own weight. Consequently, a period of high wind, along with the added attentions of adventurous young people intent upon tree climbing cause larger branches to break from the main tree, as in the case of the tree featured in the above photograph.

This large branch came down sometime between Thursday and Friday morning this week, blocking the pathway leading from the Brook up to the Railway Walk.

It is highly likely in the meantime that the Landscape Department at South Staffordshire District Council’s Offices in Codsall will have been inundated with calls from inconvenienced walkers! Be assured that they will attend to the problem as quickly as they possibly can.

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  1. Thanks Daniel for your comments. When the council remove the fallen branch, they’ll have to cut it into log-sized sections. That will reveal the annular rings-these are the ring-like structures of xylem (the harder wood structure of a tree) that show seasonal growth. By counting the rings in this way, the age of that part of the tree can be determined.

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