BBC:(2) Testing the Water

As previously reported within this weblog, a regular task undertaken by the Friends of Wom Brook is to check for and monitor the presence of aquatic life in the Brook. The discovery of several species is an indicator of the quality of the water-in other words, it is clean enough to support life!
In the above photo, members of the Friends Group were filmed last Thursday engaging in such a survey.
Regrettably, no water voles were captured on camera, although several people caught a fleeting glimpse of one in the vicinity!

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  1. Hi, i am unsure how to contact the friends of Wombrook group. I am currently on behalf of the university of wolverhampton conducting a research project into the water quality of wombrook, i thought i would let this know to the group if any as a specific interest in my research. i would also be very gratefull if users coud post some comments about the brook on how i may come about researching any past landuses of wombrook any activity that as come and gone or presently here. i am more than willing to share my scientific findings to the group should there be a need.

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