BBC: (3) Local Wildlife (Aquatic): Water Scorpion

The above photo shows a couple of water scorpions caught by the Friends of Wom Brook, identified and then returned to the stream. This process was filmed by the BBC.

The water scorpion is in fact an insect, and not a member of the scorpion family! They feed on water fleas, water worms, water lice and small insect larvae. Notice their large front legs, which resemble a scorpion’s pincers. The water scorpion uses these to grab hold of its prey.

Their presence in the Brook would provide food for other wildlife often seen during the spring.

The sting-like tube is a kind of snorkel-a breathing tube-which it uses to breath air before diving to the bottom of the Brook to hunt for food.

Along with the other aquatic creatures found in the Brook on the day of the filming, these creatures are further proof that the Brook is healthy enough to sustain life.

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