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One of the Friends of Wom Brook committee, Tim (pictured right within the picture of the long-eared bat), reported the following event:
I just had to tell readers about a Long-Eared bat (pictured) that was reported to me at my place of work 3rd October. It was found clinging to some external stairs, so I went to see what I could do to help. Seeing the position it was in I had no other choice but to move it. The weather was also bad so I put it in
a box, found a warm area so that later that evening I could release it.
At dusk I returned to work with the bat hoping it would take to the air, sadly it was only interested in trying to crawl up my sleeve. Returning home I called the Staffordshire Bat Group and they came down that evening to take a
look at it. With their expert knowledge they informed me that it looked underweight for this time of year. It is important to know that long-eared bats are one of the last species to hibernate so we had a window of opportunity till November to increase the
bat�__s weight.
The Bat Group kindly took the bat with them to give it a fighting chance to survive the coming winter. They kept me informed of its progress, and on the 24th October they returned with the bat to release it back in the area where it had been found.
It was a very rewarding feeling of a job well done, and I was pleased that I had played a small part.

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  1. I am wondering how rare long-eared bats are. I saw droppings in my porch, where I used to leave the light on. My cat used to sit there and I found two dead bats on different occasions, which was very sad. They were beautiful, fine creatures and I would like to encourage more to forage in my porch. I have a lot of spider cocoons in there and some cobwebs with bits and pieces in them. The bats were killed a couple of years ago.

    Has anyone any idea as to how I can get more to live there?

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