Autumn 2009 in Wombourne

Sycamore Greenhill

The above photograph, taken looking north down from the ascending Greenhill road in Wombourne towards Gravel Hill, epitomises an autumn scene. Although not technically representing anything directly to do with the Wom Brook, the Walk or the wildlife of the Brook, it does show the outlying landscape that surrounds one of the entrances to the Wom Brook Walk (arrowed). Where the road leads off to the left (Common Road), a stone wall ends at the start of the footpath that leads to the footbridge over the Brook, and to the distinctive oak gate posts that mark the beginning of that particular stage of the Wom Brook Walk.

Bright sunny days particularly enhance the spectacular spectrum of greens, yellows and browns of the leaves, each colour signifying a different stage in this particular sycamore’s leaf-shedding process.

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