In the thick of it!

2 members of the Friends of Wombrook volunteer conservation group battle with the Himalayan Balsam , from within the Brook, last Saturday morning.

Anita and Margaret were photographed from above on the southern bank of the Brook, at the picnic area. You could be easily forgiven for mistaking this location to that of a tropical rainforest jungle, such is the density of the floral growth in this part of the Brook, made worse by the presence of the Himalayan Balsam.

NOTICE: WOMBROOK CLEAN-UP _ Thursday 5th & Saturday 7th August


Conservation volunteers will be meeting at 10:00 am on both of the above dates, at the Gravel Hill Picnic area, where South Staffordshire District Council have temporarily located a skip (see above picture) .

The skip will be used to collect accumulations of litter, and particularly the prolific amounts of Himalayan Balsam plants growing in the vicinity of the Wombrook. The Himalayan Balsam was introduced to the area some years ago, but it is rapidly threatening to choke the native vegetation.

If you can spare an hour or two on either of these two days, you’d be helping to make a significant contribution to the maintenance of one of our village’s most unique and picturesque features-the Brook!