A Tranquil Scene

One of the many advantages of having such a beautiful natural resource such as the Wom Brook flowing through Wombourne is to catch the occasional glimpse of harmonious scenes such as the one featured above-a pair of Mallard ducks peacefully paddling upstream quite contentedly, unfettered by the daily worries that so often occupy our lives.

Despite the close proximity of cars, dogs and people, these wild animals continue to make use of the Brook, and are a frequent sight at various stages along the Brook.

2 Replies to “A Tranquil Scene”

  1. I was looking at the signs of Spring entry and thought I’d mention my first Cuckoo for the year, which I heard on the12th May along the railway walk at lower Penn. I always used to hear cuckoos in and around Wombourne, but not so the last few years. Have any been heard along the Wombrook, or anywhere else in Wombourne yet.

  2. Thanks for the enrty Steve-sorry I’ve delayed replying, but I had locked myself out of the Wom Brook blog!! Yes, over the last 2 mornings, I’ve heard a cuckoo while walking along the Railway Walk from the Brook towards the old Wombourne Railway station.

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