Molehill epidemic!


An ever increasing number of molehills are appearing along the Wom Brook Walk.  Members of the Friends of Wom Brook are receiving complaints from other residents of Wombourne who are concerned about the rise in the number of molehills, which are causing green spaces to assume an appearance of an organism infected with measles!

The situation is being made worse when some dogs attempt to burrow into the fresh soil in pursuit of the errant moles.Consequently the surface of the ground in such places is developing pot holes.

The Friends Group have reported the issue to South Staffordshire Council.

High Visibility

High Vis

Last Saturday, the Friends of Wom Brook used their new high-visibility waistcoats for the first time, during one of the Group’s monthly work parties-which on this occasion focused upon litter collection from not only the Brook itself, but also along the banks and land surrounding the Wom Brook Walk.

The waistcoats will be used for safety purposes-there are sections of the Brook that are obscured by trees and plants, and during previous work parties it has proved difficult to see Group members.

The Friends of Wom Brook are grateful to  South Staffordshire Council for supplying the waistcoats.