2019 Work Parties

January          Saturday 5th          Thursday 17th
February       Saturday 2nd         Thursday 21st
March            Saturday 2nd         Thursday 21st
April               Saturday 6th          Thursday 18th
May                Saturday 4th          Thursday 16th
June               Saturday 1st           ALL Thursdays
July                 Saturday 6th             ”                ”
August          Saturday 3rd             ”                ”
September  Saturday 7th            ”                 ”
October        Saturday 5th          Thursday 17th
November   Saturday 2nd          Thursday 21st
December   Saturday 7th           Thursday 19th

Non-members are welcome to any of the work parties: WE NEED MORE HELP WITH ALL TASKS – in and out of the brook- litter collection, removal of fallen twigs and branches, also of selected vegetation for the benefit of Water Voles, other animals and a greater diversity of plants.

Work Parties:

These take place between 10-12 noon. Please meet at Gravel Hill picnic benches.

For more information -Anita 01902 892187