May 2021

After a considerable absence, hopefully the WomBrook Blog is back. Rumours of its demise are just that. If the hackers who invested so much time and effort in trying to wreck it were able to devote their efforts and undoubted skills to good causes the World would be a better place for us all.

Unfortunately they did manage to delete a number of images from the earlier blog entries.  Despite that this blog will endeavour to present regular snapshots and associated comments  recording what is seen along the Brook in Wombourne.

April 2018:

Welcome to the Friends of Wombrook’s blog.

The Wombrook runs from east to west through the village of Wombourne, located in South Staffordshire, England.

It is an interesting ecological area, which has been designated as a local nature reserve. It is also home to the elusive and highly endangered water vole.

This blog has since its inception in 2004 tried to capture the efforts of local volunteers and the South Staffordshire District Council in preserving this unique habitat.

After several years of dormancy, due to an eight year move out of the area, the blog is being resurrected, in order to support the tireless efforts of a dedicated minority of Wombourne residents who have been actively engaged in preserving and developing the Wombrook Walk Nature reserve.

This group is known as the Friends of Wombrook, and has been in existence  since 2004.

Please support us if you possibly can. Could you spare  2 hours once a month on a Saturday morning to help the group with their work to preserve and enhance the environment of the Wombrook? Please refer to our 2018 Events page for further details of our work parties.

Thank you for visiting our weblog.

Written in 2007;

Welcome to the resurrected Wom Brook blog-once re-started in October 2007 after nearly a year’s break, and again in May 2009 after a similar lengthy break.

For the technically-minded, the previous blog was hosted on an old web server, accidentally powered down in December 2006, and briefly brought back to life in February 2007. However, that server was on its last legs, and finally gave up a month later.
Thanks to some very hard work on the part of both Mark at the Faculty of Education, Anglia Ruskin University, and Matt at Creative Learning Systems (who deliver a Learning Management System), the archive of the Wom Brook Diary (as it was known) was saved and transferred to a commercial server, and ‘re-housed’ within a WordPress blog structure.

The domain name of this blog has also been changed to the Wom Brook blog, as that is how it is known to its past readers and members of the Friends of Wom Brook [ the small group of dedicated volunteers who work closely with the Landscape Department at South Staffordshire Council to promote the conservation and development of the Brook, its immediate environment, flora and fauna ].

As before, the main aims of the Wom Brook blog are:

a) To record chronologically events relating to conservation and development work carried out along the Wom Brook during its passage through Wombourne in South Staffordshire;

b) To provide information about the flora and fauna along the Wom Brook and the section of the Railway Walk that passes through Wombourne;

c) To encourage participation and contributions from visitors to this blog.

June 2009: Thanks must again go to Matt and colleagues for clearing out the accumulated clutter and electronic ‘spam’ that sadly seems to infest blogs, and can in the case of this blog severely impair its functionality.

July 2009: The Wom Brook Walk is awarded Green Flag status.

July 2010: In May this year, the Wom Brook Walk underwent a third inspection by judges from the Green Flag national award scheme. This month should see whether the Walk retains its Green Flag status or not!

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