Spring 2004

Hawthornblossom .jpg
Easter heralded the onset of Spring-although increased activity amongst birds and squirrels, and the emergence of buds and tree blossom (as illustrated by the Hawthorn blossom above, photographed just outside Wombourne Park on the Railway Walk) have acted as nature_s reminders that a new season was waiting in the wings

2 Replies to “Spring 2004”

  1. Hi Geraint,
    Your photo of hawthorn blossom is actually blackthorn blossom! Hawthorn is out later, and grows leaves first before the flowers. Black thorn has the flowers on bare stems. Blackthorn is alos sometines called Quick thorn, or Sloe (this is where you get sloes for sloe gin, in the autumn)

    Kate Dewey

  2. Thanks for putting me right Kate-its great to have your expertise online-please keep contributing-you are providing pretty valuable information!

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