Water Weed

An essential constituent in any healthy stream has to be a good supply of plant life. Not only do these provide a source of food for plant-eating aquatic animal life that can also be found co-habiting in the Wom Brook, but due to the plants�__ efforts to produce their own food supply (startch), a bi-product of that process is oxygen.

Most aquatic animal life must extract oxygen from the water in order to live-and so the delicate balance of life in the Wom Brook can be maintained. Any accidental discharges of chemicals into the stream (which regrettably has occurred in previous years) can adversely affect this balance, by making the water either too acidic or conversely too alkalinic, thus decreasing the oxygen levels in the water, and at the same time these highly toxic chemicals can kill the plants.

A recent survey by the Friends of Wom Brook group found the above aquatic plant-Canadian Pondweed, (elodia Canadensis) growing in the Brook.

More information about Canadian Pondweed available HERE

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