A First For The Wombrook – Little Egret

Little Egret

Last Saturday (20.11.10) at the “History of the Wom Brook” Event something very spectacular was spotted.

From out of the brook at the end of Glendale Drive flew a beautiful white bird. That bird turned out to be a Little Egret! Being much more commonly seen in areas down south such as London and Cornwall, this is a first for Wombourne! They are also much more likely to be seen on vast areas of water such as lakes, so again very uncommon! If you are wondering how to identify it, well it is basically a stunning white bird with long black legs, yellow feet and a long, sharp, black beak, very similar in build and in flight to a heron but at around half the size! So, if you are taking a stroll along the Wom Brook any time soon, be sure to look out for this marvelous bird!