Spring Watch Festival 2010

Wombourne Spring Watch 2010

Wombourne is shortly to stage its first Spring Watch Festival on Saturday 17th April, between 10 am and 3 pm.

Wombourne Library have very kindly extended an invitation to the Friends of Wom Brook to organise this first ever event. The overarching theme will focus upon the flora and fauna associated with the Wom Brook habitat, and the village of Wombourne.

The following wildlife and associated conservation groups have been invited to exhibit at this forthcoming event:

Staffordshire Wildlife Trust

Butterfly Conservation


South Staffordshire Naturalists’ Society

Staffordshire Bat Group

Hedgehog Rescue

OPAL West Midlands (Bees)


Further information will be provided nearer the event relating to confirmed exhibitors.

Water voles: 3 sightings.

Spring 2010 water vole

The mostly elusive water vole colony have recently become more visible. The above representative from the Wom Brook colony was observed from the footpath yesterday. Unlike on previous occasions, this specimen paused on the bank for several minutes, before plunging into the cold water of the Brook, submerging and disappearing from view.

For three days in succession, solitary water voles have been seen feeding on plants or swimming in the Brook.

Tree management along the Wom Brook Walk

Gravel Hill Oak Tree pruned
For safety reasons, trees along the Wom Brook require pruning at certain times. In the above example, mentioned in a previous Wom Brook Blog entry (please click on the link below, entitled ‘January 2010 Tree Management) , drivers approaching the junction along the eastern end of Common Road, adjoining Gravel Hill were unable to clearly see vehicles descending from Gravel Hill towards the junction during the spring and summer months, due to the dense leaf foliage on the lower branches of this oak tree obscuring their view.

Tree surgeons contracted by South Staffordshire Council have removed some of those lower branches, which should increase visibility for drivers, and thus reduce the risk of accidents.

January 2010 Tree Management