The next twelve months…

AGM 2010 Report2

Last Tuesday the Friends of Wom Brook AGM took place in Wombourne Civic Centre, with the election of executive officers and members of the committee overseen by South Staffordshire Council’s Landscape manager, Howard Medlicott.  The meeting quickly moved on to discuss and plan future work and developments for the coming year.

High on the Group’s agenda is this year’s Green Flag inspection (set for early summer), along with further scheduled work to improve the Wom Brook Walk.

As ever, the Group are grateful for the continued input and support from Howard.

AGM 2010 reminder

AGM 2010 reminder

If you live in Wombourne, South Staffordshire, and enjoy the outdoors, and particularly appreciate the local natural landscapes that are within relatively easy reach of most locations in the village, then please consider joining the Friends of Wom Brook on

Tuesday night, 23rd February at 7:30 pm, in the Brook Room of the Civic Centre, Wombourne.

The Friends of Wom Brook work voluntarily in partnership with the South Staffordshire Council to promote the conservation of the Wom Brook and its adjoining land, including the plants and animals found there. In addition to keeping the area tidy, there are monthly activities planned which serve to increase members’ knowledge of this natural habitat.

The combined efforts of both the South Staffordshire Council and the Friends of Wom Brook have received local and national recognition in the form of Local nature Reserve (LNR) status and the Green Flag Award.

The group is small in number,  and would welcome additional members in order to help maintain the high standards of conservation work so far achieved.

If you can spare two hours, usually on the first Saturday morning of each month, then the Friends Group would be delighted to meet you.

Snowdrops on the Brook: A sign that Spring is nearly here?


Resembling lanterns of white light, these snowdrops have appeared on the northern bank of the Wom Brook, close to the Bow footbridge that runs parallel to Gravel Hill in Wombourne. They are easily spotted-the brilliant white of their flowers standing out from the predominant browns and greens that surround them, but which fail to envelope or smother them.