January 2010 Tree management

tree pruning

South Staffordshire Council’s Landscape Department have commenced pollarding and other related woodland maintenance work this month on several trees along the length of the Wom Brook Walk. Specifically work will be carried out on:

  • The Poolhouse Estate,
  • Marlburn Way,
  • Redhill Avenue (the very long branch overhanging the Brook, close to the footbridge)
  • Gravel Hill (pictured above)-the Oak tree in leaf can obscure drivers’ field of vision when attempting to turn out of Common Road onto Gravel Hill.

Is this bird a wagtail?


This unfamiliar bird was seen regularly in Wombourne and photographed during the recent freezing conditions. It is  believed to be a wagtail. However, it would be appreciated if anyone reading this blog could identify the specific species-is it an African Pied Wagtail?

Do wagtails winter in the UK, and then spend their summers in other countries?

A solitary robin


One lone but fearless robin-photographed during the last days of the recent snow event here in Wombourne.

Unlike the more gregarious  blackbirds and pigeons commonly observed along the length of the Brook, robins are usually observed individually, yet despite being outnumbered and smaller than other more prevalent bird species, their courage and tenacity seems unrivaled-pressing home their quest for food, undeterred by larger birds who try unsuccessfully to turn them away.