Local research about wildlife

Youth group presentations

A small group of the Friends of Wom Brook met at Wombourne Methodist Church last Saturday to share a variety of presentations about local wildlife and the work of the Friends of Wom Brook.

Particularly outstanding were the presentations made by the younger members of the group-there was evidence of considerable effort by all who took part-from poster presentations (to the left of the photo), to some very professional videos of the Brook’s water voles, and slightly further afield, video footage of the butterfly and bird life found at Baggeridge Country Park.(‘Wildlife Videos’ displayed on DVD in the right-hand photo above.)

Where to see the tree faces

Awbridge Locks

A walk along the canal tow path from Awbridge Locks (photographed above-grid ref: SO 860 948) south towards Bratch Locks will pass several trees and tree-stumps which have had the adornments fixed to them representing faces.

A representative from British Waterways said that the faces started to mysteriously appear shortly after maintenance work had been completed along that section of the Staffordshire & Worcester Canal.
Can you help to solve this mystery?
Do you know who originated this rather unique practice?